Bursting with flavour than just sugar overdose:

Discover cakes with style and enjoy an exquisite flavour experience

Eine einstöckige Torten mit sichtbaren Schokoladekuchenschichten, weisser Creme dazwischen und Erdbeeren auf einer Etagere

Your palate: “Mhmmmmm… that cake tastes great. I must be in heaven.”


Are you up to try a cake different than the well-known cake classics of Sachertorte & Co?

Do you want a cake that skillfully plays with various flavours and textures?
Which surprises you with sweetness, acidity, crack and crunch?

Imagine, from the very first bite your palate cheers: “Boaaah, it tastes so good. It is the best cake ever!”

As a master confectioner, I tinker with my recipes and question well-known methods. Until the cake plates are empty and my test eaters smile with joy.

And as a gourmet, I have a keen sense for taste and bake cakes for your taste buds from selected ingredients that you will remember for a long time.

Do you feel like eating cakes? And you’re just thinking: “Yeah, that’s exactly the cake I want!”

Then browse the online shop right now and allow yourself some taste joy.

Florian W.

Incredibly good taste!

A real work of art. Our daughter was really happy and all of our guests were delighted. Our wishes were all implemented in a great way and the taste was incredibly good! Despite the outside temperature of 33 °C, the cake was delivered in perfect condition.

Cake to pamper your palate from my manufactory

Eine weisse einstöckige Hochzeitstorte mit goldenen Drip

Wedding cakes: Contemporary instead of old-fangle


Are you going to get married soon?

And you’re looking for a wedding cake, outside “Wow” and inside “Mhhhmmm.”

I will bake your wedding cake for you from fine ingredients and with enchanting details that will amaze you.

On your big day, enjoy an unforgettable cake that suits you as the newlyweds and your wedding party.

Eine einstöckige Geburtstagstorte mit rosa Details am Rand , Blattgold und einer Pfingstrose

“Baaam” instead of prissy: Brilliant birthday cakes


Birthday without a cake? “That’s a no go!”

One is certain for you: a true birthday needs a fantastic cake.

Your cake wish this year: a modern cake design and exquisite taste that will make your palate cheer with joy.

I’ll bake you an awesome birthday cake so that you can really let it rip.

Eine Pavlova Torte mit Erdbeeren auf einer Etagere

Cake online shop

No matter whether Sunday or midnight: our online shop is always there for you.

You can order your palate pleasing cakes from the comfort of your own home. For Sunday coffee with grandma and grandpa, to give the best work colleagues a sweet surprise or just like that.

Order cakes online. It’s that easy:

  • you can choose your cake at any time
  • maybe add candles and a topper
  • select the place of delivery, date, time and delivery or pick up yourself
  • pay securely
  • pick up the cake yourself in our cake manufactory
  • or have them delivered to your desired address with our reliable delivery service

Hi! I’m Alex, your master confectioner and taste genius.

I found my professional home after making a pilgrimage across Spain.

In my bakery, I am free to question known conventions and bake cakes with caharacter in a fresh way in my own style.

For me, a cake is a taste experience if it has mastered the balance with sweetness, acidity, saltiness, crunchiness, and creaminess.

My greatest wish as a gourmet is fresh and pure patisserie that shows that it can do more than to be sweet and fat.

Konditormeisterin Alexandra Gaggl
© Elias Hartmann
Gabriela R.

I guess this spells perfection

The Pavlova was everything I wished for, the Brownie-Berries cake was a really nice surprise but when this all comes with excellent communication and a smooth process, I guess this spells perfection. Keep up the amazing work!

Tired of cake classics Linzer Torte & Co and ready for cakes that thrill your palate?

What are you waiting for? Get your cake now and allow yourself some flavour joy.