Hi! I’m Alex, your master confectioner with a great sense for taste and gourmets


In my cake manufactory in Vienna, I bake cakes from selected ingredients that make the taste buds go dancing.

For curious connoisseurs who want to try out new tastes and flavours.

Just more culinary excitement!

Konditormeisterin Alexandra Gaggl

Your wish: Taste burst instead of sugar shock

With a cake that you like: light, pleasantly sweet, creamy, aromatic and full of flavours.

A cake with character and multifarious facets such as sweet, salty, creamy, crispy and soft.

So delicious that the first bite itself elicits you a delighted “Mhmmmm” and your heart leaps for joy: Because it touches you. Not just your taste buds, but your heart directly.

That would be really cool, wouldn’t it?

For me, (almost) everything revolves around enjoyment

I am a connoisseur

I’ve always tasted good.
I am, as they say, a curious nose and open to trying everything you can eat.

For many years I wasn’t really aware of that. Today I know: to taste good is awesome and my greatest power #superpower

This makes it possible for me to bake unforgettable cakes for you.

I torture myself out of bed in the morning


There should actually be people who get out of bed in top shape in the morning.

I stick to my cuddly soft bed like chewing gum under my shoe.
One thing is for sure: I am definitely not one of those born early birds.

I prefer eating with my fingers

Most of all the first apricot jam pancakes in a really warm August, barefoot while standing and without a plate over the kitchen work surface.

That’s good for me!
Because: eating somehow feels more real with all your senses.

And if it tastes particularly good to me, I dip my finger into the shiny demi glace in the restaurant and lick the empty plate neatly, as if it were fresh from the dishwasher.
I don’t care if the table next door thinks my mom didn’t teach me table manners.

It feels like I spend all my money on (cooking) books

At least that’s how it feels when I compare the size of the bookcase to the size of my apartment.

The oldest book in my librabry: Süddeutsche Küche (South German cuisine) by Katharina Prato. Almost 100 years old and in Kurrent script. An heirloom from my grandma. Especially because she wrote her own recipes by hand in blank spaces.

Eine rosarote Torte mit Beerendekor
Claudia P.

Not too sweet, not too heavy and simply delicious!

Today’s cake, the raspberry mousse cake, was a hit! Got the cake for my graduation … everyone loved the cake! She was perfect! Not too sweet, not too heavy and simply delicious! We’ll be back for sure! Thanks very much! The cake was a great way to end my perfect day 😊

From grandma’s kitchen via the Camino de Santiago to the master confectioner

I discovered my love for indulgence in my grandma’s kitchen. As a child, her kitchen and the garden were my favorite places.

My earliest childhood memory is the feeling of the wafer-thin, silky dough on my hands. And the buttery cinnamon scent of the oven-warm apple strudel that we baked from it.

You are probably thinking: “All right, she definitely wants to be a pastry chef.” Next step pastry apprenticeship.

Not even close!

As a child, I had no clear career choice. I decided on a classic training path. One that seemed safe to me. First high school and Matura and then study of veterinary medicine.

When I finished my studies there was one question: Who am I and what do I really want?

Konditormeisterin Alexandra Gaggl
Alexandra Gaggl fotografiert von © Elias Hartmann

Buen Camino: On the way to myself

I packed my backpack and went on a pilgrimage. Alone. 1000 km across Spain to Finis terre, the end of the world.

I decided for myself which turn I went, whether I would take a break right away or later and which place was my destination for the day. With every step on the way through the Spanish meseta, between the sky and endless cornfields, the heaviness on my shoulders became less.

Here I set my primary goal: No matter what I want to do in the future, I have to be myself.

Suddenly a restaurateur

Back in Vienna, I spent a few years doing various jobs to earn a living.

I was cooking in a Montessori children’s group when, surprisingly, chance challenged me: I was given the opportunity to take over a vegetarian bistro.

And whoosh: suddenly I was a self-employed restaurateur and cooked for my guests every day.

The maker finds her passion

I was just about to bake a cake in the bistro. Since childhood I have been amazed how delicious delicacies such as biscuits, croissants and bundt cake are made from butter, sugar, eggs and flour.

And I thought to myself: “If only I were a pastry chef. Then I could bake great cakes every day.”

I felt a great desire to bake. And this desire grew stronger and stronger.

No sooner had it clicked in my head than guests came just for the cakes, cafe owners called me to order cakes for their cafes and in my mailbox I found the first request for a wedding cake.

Cakes were soon piled up in the fridges, the mailbox was getting full and I felt overwhelmed by the double burden of bistro and cakes. I had to decide how to proceed.

I burned for it to bake. The more I baked, the more I wanted to know. So I decided to take the extraordinary final apprenticeship examination for confectioner and the master craftsman examination a year later.

Pastry books instead of Netflix, whisks instead of bath towels, loud curses and little sleep accompanied me to the exams.

I passed both exams with flying colors.

Today I feel at home in my bakery as I did in my grandma’s kitchen. Every day I bake sweet delicacies to delight the palate. Baking is the one thing where I always only listen to myself and am my own yardstick. Here I take the liberty of thinking things differently and breaking new ground. This creates cakes with personality.

Eine Hochzeitstorte mit angezündeten Sprühkerzen
Amaranta H.

You have definitely won new regular customers with us.

Thank you very much for the fantastic cakes, which were not only beautifully decorated but also tasted exceptionally delicious and thank you for your patience when choosing the fillings and bases … ❤️❤️❤️ You will definitely have new regular customers with us won 😊😊😊

“A colorful, diverse patisserie that plays with contrasts.”

Konditormeisterin Alexandra Gaggl
© Julian Haas
My taste buds are delighted with sweet delicacies whose flavours are so lively that they ignite colorful fireworks on the palate.
With salted caramel that is sweet and salty at the same time, with tarte au citron where the crispy shortcrust meets the delicately melting lemon cream and with a croissant with a delicately splintering crust, juicy and light on the inside, with a fine dough and pure butter flavour.
My vision: a pastry school.
I imagine it to be a little bit like Hogwarts. But for confectioners.
So that in the future there will be more pastry chefs and pastry shops where you can try many different sweet creations.
The best in their field pass on their knowledge here and encourage the students to try out new things.
A school where creativity is expressly encouraged.

Are you curious and do you want to try something other than the classic Sachertorte & Co?


With a cake that has more than just two flavors on it #morethansweetandfat

The cakes taste lively thanks to the combination of flavours such as sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. And surprise you with cracks and crunch?

A cake that appeals to all of your senses and takes you back to the summer of your childhood with just one bite or lets you smell and taste Christmas.