Birthday Cakes

Make the birthday a pleasure

You are currently planning a birthday party. It should just be terrific.

So grandiose that the birthday child will remember it for many years: “Do you remember that one party that you planned for me back then.”

There is still a lot to do to make it an unforgettable festival. There are an incredible number of things to do on your list: location, guest list, decoration, music, drinks, food, invitations, party games, balloons …

And don’t forget the birthday cake. It shouldn’t be missing under any circumstances.

The cake has to be awesome. Just as awesome as the birthday child, your best friend.
And: because the birthday is a special day.

Your idea for the cake is “Bäääm” instead of boring: A cake design that amazes the birthday child and all guests and triggers a taste explosion in their mouths.

Eine einstöckige Geburtstagstorte mit rosa Details am Rand , Blattgold und einer Pfingstrose

Imagine a birthday cake:

modern cake design instead of the usual cake classics
a meegaaa taste experience in the mouth
with many details, lovingly handcrafted
made from fine ingredients for an aromatic taste experience
a cake where the birthday child says: “This is the best cake I’ve ever had for my birthday.”

Ingenious birthday cake instead of the usual classic cake


You have organized almost everything, the only thing missing is the hook for the birthday cake.

The birthday child wants a modern cake. No cake classics like Sachertorte with inscription and marzipan roses and also no cake that is covered with a sweet, picky sugar topping.

Your wish is a seminaked cake in which the individual layers of cake and cream are visible. As decoration, chocolate icing that runs down the edge in a drop shape, a few gold leaf flakes, colorful flowers and white macarons.
The filling is a light, pleasantly sweet fruity cream and fluffy cake bases.

She knows exactly what kind of cake she wants and now it’s your turn to find her dream cake. You go on a search and scour the internet. Some pastry chefs offer cakes that you are looking for.

You write everything down in detail and send the e-mail with the special cake request and hope that you will get there in time and that your favorite pastry chef can bake the cake.

Birthday Cake with sugar Flowers

Now you know, planning a great party can be exhausting. So many little things that make the perfect birthday party have to be organized.

You are glad that the party is finally taking place today.

Fortunately, you ordered the cake on time and it was securely packaged this morning and delivered on time with the confectioner’s own delivery service.

The cake is there, the tables are decorated, the music is on and the weather is great.
With a glass of champagne in hand and a smile on your face, you happily greet the first party guests.

The birthday child is finally here too. Your best friend, through thick and thin, since kindergarten.

You’re already very excited, the cake is about to be brought to the table.
What a cake beauty: anything but classic. You can immediately recognize the individual layers of chocolate cake, which are filled with white cream. At the edges you can see drops of chocolate icing and on top of the cake are roses and ranunculus. And white macarons with gold flakes.

You look at your best friend and you know your cake choice was the right one. Her eyes sparkle and she grins up to her ears. She comes up to you and says: “Thanks for the great cake. Let’s try it together. ”

You cut the cake and taste the first piece right away.
Your palate is delighted: “It tastes heavenly. I’ve never eaten such a delicious cake. ”
Your friend grins happily at you with her mouth full and you can tell from her grin and smack that she tastes really good.

Nicole F.

My wish was 100% fulfilled, but the taste exceeded all my expectations.

A wonderful raspberry fruit cake with a light, light sponge cake base and a thin buttercream coated. I wanted a cake without decoration because I wanted to design it myself. My wish was 100% fulfilled, but the taste of the cake exceeded all my expectations. I haven’t eaten such a tasty cake for a long time. All of our guests loved it. The cake was delivered home on time. It couldn’t have gone better from order to delivery. It was our first order but definitely not our last.

You want a great birthday cake too, right? Order now in the shop or send us your request.

Birthday Cake

Collection 2022

Exclusive design

In different sizes

Different tastes can be selected



starting at € 60

Price incl. VAT

Individual Birthday Cake

As unique as you

Design & taste according to your wishes

One-tier or multi-tier cake

In different sizes from 10 pieces

1 type of cake per tier can be selected

1 types of cream per tier can be selected

starting at € 100

Price incl. VAT

Johannes R.


My birthday cake was awesome! I’m compulsively looking for a reason, apart from my birthday, to treat myself to another product from this manufacturer! Yummy!!!

Your wish: a birthday cake that inspires with taste and shines with appearance?

Your birthday cake: Bäääm instead of boring

Hallo! I’m Alex, your master confectioner and specialist in brilliant birthday cakes.

I bake every birthday cake as if it were my own.

Why do I do this?
Because I can always remember the cakes exactly on my own birthday.

I usually quickly forget the rest of the details of the party.

Because I wish we could all enjoy more memorable birthday cakes.

And because I want to see more happy birthday .

Alexandra Gaggl Konditormeisterin bei AlexArts
Alexandra Gaggl © Elias Hartmann

In 2 steps to your birthday cake

Request or order directly in the online shop

You can find our latest collection of birthday cakes in our online shop. There you can order right away and pay securely.

Your dream cake is not in the shop?

Then send us your individual wish for a birthday cake in the contact form

Delivery & Collection

If your birthday cake is a one-tier cake, you can pick it up yourself from us at the cake factory.
To do this, select pick-up in the online shop or let us know your pick-up request when ordering an individual cake.

Please bring your order confirmation with you when you pick it up.
If you are late or cannot pick you up as planned, please give us a call.

Multi-tier birthday cakes must be transported particularly carefully. So that you can be sure that your cake will be well received, we deliver our multi-tier cakes ourselves without exception.

Eine Pavlova mit Erdbeeren
Gabriela R.

I guess this spells perfection

The Pavlova was everything I wished for, the Brownie-Berries cake was a really nice surprise but when this all comes with excellent communication and a smooth process, I guess this spells perfection. Keep up the amazing work!

Now finally get your brilliant birthday cake and celebrate a grandiose birthday!

Frequently asked Questions

When should I order my birthday cake?

As soon as you know when the party is going to start.

So that we can bake your cake safely, order as early as possible. We recommend at least 2 months before the birthday.

We bake all cakes with precision and attention to detail. In addition, floors and fillings take time to be really good. That is why we can only bake a certain number of cakes per day.

However, we are known to work a night shift for a short-term request.

How do I order my birthday cake?

Either you order one of the cakes from our birthday cake collection 2022 in the online shop or you send us a request for an individual birthday cake according to your wishes via the contact page.

The first information we absolutely need: Date and place of the celebration and the number of guests.

How big will my birthday cake be?

The size of your cake will depend on how many people you want to share with. In general: 1 piece of cake per person, also for children.

What falvours are available and how many different can I choose?

With the cakes in the online shop, you can choose from our most popular flavours.

If you would like a costum made cake, according to your taste, send us a request via the contact page.

Some of our most popular flavours are:

  • Chocolate & Salted Caramel
  • Curd & Berries
  • Dulcey Chocolate & Mango Passion Fruit
  • Pistacchio & Raspberry
  • Linzer Cake Reloaded

There are almost no limits to the taste combinations. We look forward to your suggestions  send together with your cake request.

Can you bake my birthday cake gluten-free and lactose-free?

We can also bake individual varieties without flour and with lactose-free dairy products.

z. B. poppy seed cake, almond cake, hazelnut cake and buckwheat cake without flour.

We then use jams, fruit creams or dark chocolate creams as fillings.

All of our cakes can contain the smallest amounts (traces) of allergenic ingredients.

Why? Because we use allergenic ingredients in our bakery.
And although we bake with the greatest possible care, we unfortunately cannot rule out the unintentional occurrence of traces.

That is why we do NOT refer to our cakes as lactose-free, gluten-free or similar.
This also applies to cakes that are baked according to a recipe without allergenic ingredients such as flour.

Can I order a vegan birthday cake?

We do not bake vegan birthday cakes.

We have various vegan pies, cakes and tartlets in our range.

For vegan birthday cakes, we would be happy to recommend colleagues who specialize in vegan cakes.

What does the birthday cake look like inside?

Our birthday cakes are layered cakes.

Alternating layers of cake and cream are hidden inside the cake.

How much does a birthday cake cost?

You can find the prices for the cakes in our latest birthday cake collection in the online shop.

If you would like an individual cake according to your ideas, please send us a request via the contact page. You will then receive a written cost estimate for your cake.

The price of the cake depends on the number of pieces and the desired design.

Overview of prices:

  • 1-tier: for 6 – 8 pieces from € 60
  • 2-tier: for 22 – 28 pieces from € 200
  • 3-tier: for 50 – 60 pieces from € 440

What is the difference between Naked Cake and Semi Naked Cake?

Naked Cake and Semi Naked Cake are cakes without fondant.

With the naked cake you can see the cake layers and the cream filling.
With the semi-naked cake, the cake is either completely covered with cream: you can no longer see the individual layers. Or the cake is only very thinly covered with cream: you can still see the individual layers through the cream.

Can I pick up my birthday cake myself?

If your cake is a one-tier cake, you can pick it up yourself from us at the cake factory by making an appointment.

Multi-tier cakes must be handled with great care. So that you can be absolutely sure that your cake arrives undamaged, we deliver each of our multi-tier cakes ourselves without exception.

We deliver throughout Vienna and parts of the Vienna area. The delivery costs for this are between € 5.00 and € 12.00.

Do you live outside the delivery area?
Then send us an inquiry via the contact page.
We calculate the costs for deliveries outside the delivery area according to the kilometers driven (€ 1.10 per km).

Do you have any other questions? Then write us an email

Elvira K.

Always a taste experience and always a feast for the eyes.

Tasteful in every way. Cakes and other sweet temptations with attention to detail, high-quality ingredients and heavenly taste. Have already tried different pies and cakes, always a taste experience and always a feast for the eyes. The chocolates are also highly recommended. Geschmackvoll in jeder Hinsicht.

So, what are you waiting for? You’re so ready for an awesome birthday cake. Order directly in the online shop and soon celebrate a great birthday!