Raspberry mousse

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Raspberry mousse

The little sister of the raspberry mousse cake.

We hear a description of our cakes again and again: “Boahhhh, the cake is good to put in.”

As an all-time favorite, you can find them regularly on dessert plates and on festive tables. With its pink-velvet look, it is a real feast for the eyes.

To be honest: this cake has it all and manages to sweeten your everyday life.

It is multilayered and complex.

If you cut it, it reveals its true diversity, which is hidden inside: light sweet and sour raspberry mousse, a heart made of fruity raspberry jelly, hazelnut crunch for that extra crack and chocolate cake for more depth.

Creamy, mousse, cakey, crispy, crunchy on the palate. All in one bite at the same time.

Decorated with berries and fruits depending on the season.

Allergens: A C F G H, contains beef gelatin


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