Tarte au citron

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Tarte au citron

Put the sun on your plate

Freshly crispy shortcrust pastry filled with lemon cream decorated with pleasantly sweet meringue.

A pure taste experience made from just three components. The shell made of shortcrust pastry is the frame and carries the real star, the lemon crémeux, decorated with meringue.

We are enthusiastic about the clear taste and the juicy acidity.

The transition from cool, ultra-creamy lemon cream, which melts silky soft on the palate, to crispy shortcrust pastry is particularly delicious. Which surprises with its butteriness and unexpected saltiness.

It is my favorite tart: complex in taste, without sticky sweetness and heaviness, suitable after a cozy dinner for two or as a sweet souvenir to a coffee gossip.

Tip: we bake the tart with Meyer lemons from around October to the end of December. Depending on the season and harvest. Then the tart tastes particularly intense and aromatic.

We all want to satisfy our longing for the warmer, brighter spring days in winter.

If you can hardly wait until spring gives you lightness again with its warm rays of sun, then treat yourself to a piece of this flattering tart.


Size 26 cm
for 10-12 pieces

Allergens: A C F G



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