Pear Tart

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Pear Tart


Crispy shortcrust pastry, fine persipan cream and juicy pears. The saltiness of the shortcrust is a surprising contrast to the sweetness and the scent is decadently buttery.

Complex on the palate without being heavy, it convinces with its dense texture. And the marzipanesque taste.
Decorated with chopped pistachios, roasted almond flakes and powdered sugar, it also looks great.

With almonds and pears, this tart combines the best that fall has to offer.


A tart for every day, but also ideal for a coffee party with friends or as a dessert for a noble evening for two. A tart always fits.

Combine them with hand-whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you’ll have a sumptuous dessert in no time at all.


Size: 28 cm

for 10-12 slices

Allergens: A C G H


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