Handmade Wedding Cakes in Vienna

Make your big day a epicurean experience for you and your loved ones

Epicurean, what? Never heard of.

In case you’re wondering what epicuean actually means: extravagant, pleasure seeking, extravagant, sumptuous, ingeniously prepared and with fine ingredients. This is exactly what my cakes stand for.

You have already found your true love and you are ready to say I will. But are you still looking for your dream cake?
A cake that suits you as a bride and groom and your wedding party. With a modern design and delicious taste.

You want a lovely cake: “WOW” on the outside and “Mhhhmmm” on the inside.

Because you are very sure: “We will only get married once.
And the cake should be as special as you and your big day.

Wedding Cake with Flowers, two tiers

Imagine your wedding cake:

modern instead of old-fangled
“Baamm” instead of prissy: it tastes more than sweet and fat
baked by hand, decorated with enchanting details that will amaze you
made from fine ingredients for an aromatic taste experience
a cake of which the guests enthusiastically say: “This is the best cake I have ever eaten.”

Fine taste and classy design instead of a run-of-the-mill cake

The ring on your finger sparkles with your eyes beaming with joy. You are overjoyed and can hardly believe it: you will soon get married.

You see yourself and your loved ones at a grandiose wedding party and you already know that in years to come you will remember it as vividly as if it were just yesterday.

There is still a lot to do until then.

Step one is a list. You write on a piece of paper: wedding dress, best man, hen night, bridesmaid, cake, DJ, honeymoon, rings, bridal bouquet, location, photographer, catering, bridal makeup, guest give-a-aways and so on.
The list just keeps getting longer.

There are more thoughts in your head than people on Mariahilfer Straße on the last Saturday shopping before Christmas.

Your stomach tingles and you ask yourself: what should I start with?

So go ahead: google search.
Your fingers are typing order wedding cake Vienna in the search field.

Result: 317 000 hits.

Uff… “Where do I start?”

You feel a little lost and overwhelmed between all the pictures of beautiful bridal couples with their enchanting cakes and the countless types of cakes and creams that are available.

How should you decide on a design and the varieties?

And it starts to rattle in your head again:
How many sclices should the cake have? Can I taste it beforehand? How should it look?
When should I order? Is there enough time left? Am I early enough? What if everyone is already booked out? Which varieties do we choose so that everyone likes it? How is such a big cake transported to my wedding party?

You know one thing very well: a magical wedding party absolutely needs a cake with style.

Eine einstöckige Hochzeitstorte mit lila Blumen auf einer Etagere
Leonie T., Bride’s Sister

I would immediately order a wedding cake from you again, because you can rely 100% on your instinct and ability.


It is not easy to organize a surprise wedding cake from abroad, but with the great and helping advice from Thomas, a wonderful and incredibly delicious cake with curd cream and berries was ready on the wedding day, which not only the bridal couple was really happy about! And I can really recommend a cake with curd cream to everyone, which is wonderfully fresh and has also convinced non-cake fans! 😉 Many thanks to the whole AlexArts team for the wonderful cake, I would order a wedding cake from you again immediately, because you can rely on your intuition and ability to 100%, the organization was great despite the distance and the result was just beautiful and made the celebration perfect!

Cake leftovers? Doesn’t exist. Instead, just empty cake plates

Finally he is here. The big day that you have been looking forward to with joy.
The ceremony moved you to tears. Fortunately, there are handkerchiefs. The tingling in your stomach has subsided and you are looking forward to a cozy afternoon.

The sun is shining, a fresh breeze is moving the leaves in the trees, all your loved ones are there. Everything is exactly as you imagined it to be.

You see the cake for the first time: “WOW, it’s beautiful!”
It stands on a table covered with white and decorated with flowers. The design is modern and elegant. White with a smooth cream. There are colour accents in different shades of pink on the sides. They remind you of an oil painting where the paint is applied with a palette. A particularly fine detail are gold flakes and individual petals that look as if the flower has lost them. At the top of the cake is a coral-coloured peony.

It’s good that you listened to your gut instinct and chose a 3-tier cake. There’s enough cake for everyone and the best: 3 different cakes and creams. There is something for everyone.

You are about to cut the cake. You’re a little afraid to cut into this piece of art. Your hands are shaking. But the knife glides effortlessly through the individual layers of cream and cake.

“Who’s got the hand up?” Anyway, you want to finally taste the cake now.

The first piece is on your plate. You try the first bite: fireworks on the palate!
Fruity, light passion fruit cream and fluffy vanilla cake. Your taste buds will rejoice. With full mouths you both grin happily at each other.

You think, “Please eat quickly. I can’t wait for the next tier to be cut. On the next floor there is a fine almond cake with vanilla cream and fresh raspberries. The top tier is chocolate cake with a dark chocolate mousse that melts delicately on the palate.

Your delicate palate is delighted and you think: “I think I’m in heaven! I want another slice.”
And all guests feel the same way.

Ein Brautpaar schneidet eine Hochzeitstorte an
© Christoph Platzer

That’s exactly what you want, right? Send us your request now!

Couture Cake

small & delicate

Ideal for small celebrations

1 – tier cake

With an individual design

In different sizes for 6 – 32 slices

1 sort of sponge

1 sort of cream

starting at € 56

prices incl. VAT

without delivery/assembly charges

Couture Cake

de luxe

Multi-tier cake

With an individual design

In various sizes

Starting from 22 slices

1 sort of sponge per tier

1 sort of cream per tier

starting at € 200

prices incl. VAT.

without delivery/assembly charges

Eine einstöckige Hochzeitstorte mit bunten Blumen und Hände
Gudrun & Armin, Bridal couple

It met our expectations one hundred percent and even exceeded them – it was just perfect!

We would like to thank you very much for the wonderful and very tasty cake! It met our expectations one hundred percent and even exceeded them – it was just perfect! 😉 Thank you for the nice and uncomplicated processing!

You wish: a cake that inspires with taste and shines with optics?

Your wedding cake: good for dancing!

Hi! I’m Alex, your master confectioner and specialist in fine wedding cakes.

My cakes are as special as each of my bridal couples and they trigger emotions.

You are probably asking yourself: “Why?”

Because I bake them. According to my own recipes. By my own standards and rules. I’ve baked, tried and questioned everything. Until I could see this mischievous smile on the inside of my test eater. Satisfied faces that, with their mouths full, cannot produce more than an enthusiastic “Mhhhmmm”.

And that is exactly my goal: To move with my cakes, to trigger satisfied, comforting feelings, to create lively taste experiences through different tastes and contrasts in a consistency that you will remember for a long time.

Alexandra Gaggl Konditormeisterin bei AlexArts
Alexandra Gaggl © Elias Hartmann

5 Steps to your wedding cake


Send us a request and please give us the exact date of your wedding celebration and the number of guests as a first piece of information.


You will find a link to the wedding cake questionnaire in our reply email. Please take a moment and fill in the form as accurately as possible. Your answers give us an idea of what your cake looks and tastes like.You are also welcome to upload a mood board or sample pictures of wedding cakes via the questionnaire.

Tasting Box

Order your tasting box directly in our online shop in the wedding category and send your taste buds on a journey of discovery into an enchanting world of taste with extravagant cake types.

So that the blind date with the unknown flavour turns into a great love of cake. #loveissweet

You value what you have tasted and now you really want us to bake a cake with style, then email us your feedback.

Offer & Confirmation

With the answers from the questionnaire, we will write an individual offer for you and send it to you. If the offer suits you, please confirm it by email. Your wedding cake on your wedding day is thus firmly booked.

Delivery & Pickup

So that you can be absolutely sure that your cake will arrive safely at the venue, we deliver every multi-tier cake ourselves. Always and without exception!

If your wedding cake is a one tier cake, you can pick it up at the bakery.

Eine weisse dreistöckige Hochzeitstorte mit weissen Rosen
Elsa & Andreas, Bridal couple

We and all of our guests were delighted!

Dear Thomas, dear Alexandra, thank you very much, the cake and tartlets were so incredibly delicious! We and all of our guests were delighted! We will be ordering small tarts again as soon as possible 😊

Now finally get your dream cake and treat yourself to enjoyment!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Wedding Cake cost?

The price of your wedding cake depends on the number of guest (pieces of cake) and the desired design.

The prices we indicate here are basic prices for semi naked cakes with a simple design and shall serve as an orientation of starting prices.


1-Tier Wedding Cakes

6-8 Pieces: € 56
10-12 Pieces: € 88
16-20 Pieces: € 144
22-26 Pieces: € 192
28-32 Pieces: € 240

2-Tier Wedding Cakes
22-28 Pieces: € 200
32-38 Pieces: € 280
42-50 Pieces: € 370

3-Tier Wedding Cakes
50-60 Pieces: € 440
66-76 Pieces: € 570
78-92 Pieces: € 680


NOT included within these staring prices are Decoration Elements (e.g. Flowers, Gold Foil, Friuts, Drips etc.), Delivery Fees and the Assmebly Flat Rate of Multi-Tier Cakes.


Delivery Fees

Vienna: €8 – €14
Surroundings of Vienna: €18 – €26
(Check delivery area in GTC Sec. 6)

Ouside the delivery area: Charging per km (currently €1.20 per km)


Assembly Flat Rate
of Multi-Tier Cakes: €100


You will receive an exact cost estimate for your cake AFTER you have sent us a cake request (preferably via our contact page) AND answered our wedding cake questionnaire.

When should I order my wedding cake?

As soon as you know the date and place of your wedding celebration, it is time to order your cake.

Our bridal couples order 6 months to 1 year in advance of their wedding.
The rule here is that the early bride and groom catches the cake. Popular dates are often booked out very early.

We bake all cakes with precision and attention to detail and therefore offer a limited number of wedding cakes per day.

However, we are known to work a night shift for a short-term request.

How do I order my wedding cake?

Send us a request.

At first we need relevant particulars: date and place of the celebration and the number of guests.

We will try to answer your request as quickly as possible and will send you a questionnaire. Please take a moment and answer the questions. Your answers give us an idea of how your dream cake should look and taste.

You are also welcome to send us a mood board or sample pictures so that we can provide further guidance.

Can I try the cake beforehand? Are there cake tastings?

We accompany you step by step to your wedding cake. So that you can try it beforehand, find the Tasting Box in the wedding category and order it online.

Any relevant communication with you regarding your wedding cake takes place via email. In our wedding cake questionnaire you inform us abput your wishes and ideas and we will bake your dream cake.

Would you like to get to know us in person and prefer to discuss your extravagant wedding cake in a face-to-face conversation? #caketalk Excellent! Meet us on Zoom.

What size does my wedding cake become?

The size of your cake depends on how many guests are invited to your wedding party. The following applies: 1 piece of cake per person, also for children.

Depending on whether you eat the cake in the afternoon after the wedding or in the evening as a dessert after a multi-course menu, you need larger or smaller pieces of cake.

What size are the single tiers and how many slices can be cut out?

With one-tier cakes you can choose between 5 different sizes: Size XS – XL (Ø=Diameter, H=Height)

  • XS for 6 – 8 slices: Ø12 cm, H14 cm
  • S for 10 – 12 slices: Ø14 cm, H14 cm
  • M for 16 – 20 slices: Ø16 cm, H14 cm
  • L for 22 – 26 slices: Ø18 cm, H14 cm
  • XL for 28 – 32 slices: Ø 20 cm, H14 cm

Our cakes differ from common pastry cakes in diameter and height. They have a smaller diameter, but with a height of 14 cm they are almost three times as high as conventional pastry cakes. That’s how we achieve a modern look.

How are multi-tier cakes combined and how many slices do they have?

Cakes can be two-tiered or three-tiered. You can choose from 6 different combinations.

2-tier cakes:

  • S for 22 – 28 slices: Ø 12cm + Ø 16cm, H 14 cm/tier
  • M for 32 – 38 slices: Ø 14cm + Ø 18cm, H 14 cm/tier
  • L for 42 – 50 slices: Ø 16cm + Ø 20cm, H 14 cm/tier

3-tier cakes:

  • S for 50 – 60 slices: Ø 12 cm + Ø 16 cm + Ø 20cm, H 14 cm/tier
  • M for 66 – 76 slices: Ø 14 cm + Ø 18 cm + Ø 22 cm, H 14 cm/tier
  • L for 78 – 92 slices: Ø 16 cm + Ø 20cm + Ø 24cm, H 14 cm/tier

the combination of diameter and height of the individual tiers results in the desired number of pieces. For a number of guests greater than 100, we recommend a cake with three tiers plus two one-tier cakes.

Our cakes differ from common pastry cakes in diameter and height. They have a smaller diameter, but with a height of 14 cm they are almost 3 times as high as conventional pastry cakes. The reason for this is the desire for a more modern look.

What flavours are available and how many different can I choose?

Per tier you can choose one specific flavour.

Some of our bridal couples most popular flavours are:

  • Chocolate & Salted Caramel
  • Curd & Berries
  • Dulcey Chocolate & Mango Passion Fruit
  • Pistacchio & Raspberry
  • Linzer Cake Reloaded

There are almost no limits to the flavour combinations. Feel free to send us your suggestions with your request.

Can you bake my wedding cake gluten-free and lactose-free?

We can also bake individual sorts without flour and with lactose-free dairy products.

E.g. poppy seed cake, almond cake, hazelnut cake and buckwheat cake without flour.

We then use jams, fruit creams or dark chocolate creams as fillings.

All of our cakes can contain the smallest amounts (traces) of allergenic ingredients.

Why? Because we use allergenic ingredients in our bakery.
And although we bake with the greatest possible care, we unfortunately cannot rule out the unintentional occurrence of traces.

That is why we do NOT refer to our cakes as lactose-free, gluten-free or similar.
This also applies to cakes that are baked according to a recipe without allergenic ingredients such as flour.

Can I order a vegan wedding cake?

We do not bake vegan wedding cakes.

We have various vegan pies, cakes and mini cakes in our range. If you want a wedding cake and also cake for some vegan guests, then these are an option.

For vegan wedding cakes, we would be happy to recommend colleagues who are specialized in vegan cakes.

What does my wedding cake look like inside?

Our wedding cakes are layered cakes. Inside there are five layers of cake and four layers of cream.

How much does a wedding cake cost?

The price of your wedding cake depends on the number of pieces and the desired design. The prices that we indicate here are basic prices for semi-naked cakes with a simple design and serve as guide prices.

You will receive information about the exact price of your cake in a written offer after you have sent us an inquiry.


  • 1-tier: Size XS for 6 – 8 slices starting at € 60
  • 2-tier: Size S for 22 – 28 slices starting at € 200
  • 3-tier: Size S for 50 – 60 slices starting at € 440

What is the difference between Naked Cake and Semi Naked Cake?

Naked Cake and Semi Naked Cake are both cakes without fondant.

With the naked cake you can see the cake layers and the cream filling. With the semi-naked cake, the cake is either completely covered with cream: you can no longer see the individual layers. Or the cake is only very thinly covered with cream: you can still see the individual layers through the cream..

Can I pick up my wedding cake?

If your wedding cake is a 1-tier cake, you can pick it up from us in the bakery. We will make an appointment for the exact collection time in the days before the wedding.

Wedding cakes with several tiers have to be handled with even more care and place special logistical requirements on transport, assembly and storage up to the cutting. So that you can be absolutely sure that your cake arrives undamaged at the event location, we deliver each of our multi-tiered cakes ourselves without exception and coordinate all steps with the event location beforehand.

We offer delivery services Vienna and some parts of Lower Austria. The delivery costs for this area are start at € 8.00 – € 14.00.

Would you like a delivery outside of the delivery area?
Then send us an inquiry via the contact page.

We calculate the delivery charges for deliveries outside of our general delivery area based on the kilometers (€ 1.20 per km). If your wedding cake is a multi-tier cake, our pastry chef Alex will assemble your cake at the place of the wedding celebration. The assembly of the multi-tier cake will be charged additionally to the cake price and the delivery costs

Do you have any further questions? Just send uns an email

Ein Tartelette au citron mit Baiser und Blattgold
Charlotte & Johan, Wedding photographers – Hold me Dear Photography

We are completely enchanted, tastes unbelievable, big compliment!

Hello dear Alex, we are just back from the shoot and were able to taste your incredibly good tartlets! We are completely enchanted, tastes unbelievable, big compliment! I’ve spent some time in France and have a big weakness for tarte au citron meringuee, they are amazingly good!

So, what are you waiting for? You are ready for the hottest cake. Send us your request now and soon enjoy your dream cake at your fantastic wedding party!