prem fresh coffee brownie

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prem fresh coffee Brownie

Roasted coffee, whole beans from Prem Frischkaffee / Vienna.

Blend of Arabica beans from Ecuador, Brazil and Honduras

Tastes intensely of cocoa, slightly nutty, full-bodied and soft on the palate. Subtle acidity. He succeeds in the portafilter machine, with the mocha pot and in the fully automatic machine.

50% Ecuador Cooperative ACRIM; Zamora Province Chinchipe, washed
25% Honduras cooperative COMSA, Marcala region, washed
25 %. Brazil Fazendas Capim Branco, Minas Gerais region, natural Packaging unit: 250 grams of whole coffee beans.

Package: 250 grams of whole coffee beans.

The ideal, uncomplicated companion for a coffee party on Sunday afternoons with grandma and grandpa.


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