Apricot Tart

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Apricot tart

THE summer tart with Austrian apricots.

Crunchy shortcrust pastry, fine persipan cream, sweet-aromatic apricots.

When will you make apricot tart again?

Apricot means summer. Only available in summer, when the best local apricots are ripe. And only as long as the harvest goes.

Thumbs Pi about 3 weeks, depending on the year and the weather.

Of course, apricots are available long before their best harvest time. Picked immature and often well traveled, they are already in the supermarket next to asparagus and strawberries in May.

In all honesty: you don’t want to.

Why not? Because then the tart doesn’t taste that great.

We wait patiently and give the apricots their time and the sun they need to ripen and develop their unique marzipanesque aroma.

And when the time comes, we bake apricot tart. So that you can enjoy them to the fullest for a short time.

Size 28 cm

for 10 -12 pieces

Allergens: A C F G H


Only available seasonally: End of July to Begin of August

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