Banana Bread Vegan

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Banana Bread Vegan

The bestseller among our cakes.


You love the full flavour: banana, fruity-sweet and caramel.

Full of bananas!
Baked from 1/3 banana, which means: 6 bananas in your banana bread.

Refined with dark chocolate chips and peanut butter.

Its texture is soft, juicy and dense without being heavy.



– Cut your banana bread into slices and freeze them so you always have cake at home and can enjoy a slice at any time.

– Heat it briefly in the oven to melt the chocolate chips and bring out the full banana flavour.

– If you like it creamy, top it with a dollop of lightly sweetened mascarpone and fresh passion fruit.

Size approx. 30cm
For 10-12 slices

Allergens: A F E H


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